Not all African artists are: Men (Vol. II)

Aaand we’re back.

I had a lot of fun featuring some dope African ladies a few months ago so I thought I’d do another round. These women are from all over the continent, across a variety of styles so I hope you can find something to groove to. Check out my much longer playlist on Soundcloud of my favorite women of the afro/diaspora and this one of women of color from all over. Enjoy.

1.“Stay” Wavy The Creator

Wavythecreator is part of the new wave of Nigerian artists challenging the dominating power that is the standard Afrobeats format.  Perhaps one of the most experimental of the bunch, Wavy’s sonic forays into house and trap-esque production stay true to the descriptor in her name. Like a wave, her style flows into the pool of elements that make naija-pop songs pop – yet not for long as she pulls us into something different, whether it’s with indie-rock vocals or pulsing dance beats. “Stay” is no exception with angsty vocals over heavy 808s guaranteed to get you into that screw-face, hands-up bop.


2.“poison beloved, i’m lost without you ” ida’aye

ida’aye is an Ethiopian-American vocalist based in California. I first discovered her through this song which literally soundtracked a solid month for me. In this track her soulful and emotive vocals really compliment the lo-fi sample-based production to create a really nice vibe. She’s definitely on the rise, so make sure to follow her!


3.“Psiu” Nidia

Nidia is Bordeaux-based producer of Cape Verdian and Guinea-Bissauan descent. Signed to Principe Discos of Lisbon,  her beats pull heavily from the electronic and Angolan kuduro mashup sound that has taken over the Portuguese capital. Nidia, however, has a particular penchant for melodic samples that make her music much more full-bodied for me than a lot of other similar electronic music. The nostalgic R&B chords in the middle of this record get me every time and her transitions between each section make this such a fun tune.


4.“Vanity” Davina x Preyé

I stumbled upon this song on Soundcloud and I’m so happy I did! Davina and Preyé are two Nigerian power vocalists who bounce off of each other perfectly in this track. And it has a message! If you know me, you know I’m really bad at listening to lyrics and when they are super in your face like, “LISTEN TO THIS MESSAGE,” I’m really not into it. But in this song, they strike the perfect balance between groove and a soft, “hey, listen up,” which I really appreciate, so check it out.  


5.“Bahia Dreamin’ Freestyle” Runka

This is a freestyle over a Karriem Riggins track by Kenyan alt/soul/indie vocalist and producer Runka. I first discovered her through Camp Mulla, a Nairobi-based group she used to be a part. An early member of Nairobi’s alt scene, Runka seemed to be on hiatus for a while so I was very happy to stumble upon this recent track. Her cool, floaty vocals are a beautiful match to all the amazing beat switches in Karriem Riggins’ production.  

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